Genealogy Buffs branches on a tree, we all grow in different directions, yet our roots remain as one........



  Thank you for considering Genealogy Buffs to research your family heritage. We are an internet based company located in East Central Indiana and West Central Ohio.  For a small fee we help individuals discover their direct surname heritage. Because we are an internet based company, Genealogy Buffs is not limited to just Indiana or Ohio. Our general research is through various internet websites, therefore, that makes it possible for us to research records in all states. With this in mind we provide direct line research for a short, quick and relatively small fee that any common person can afford.

   We have found that most people want to know three very basic things about their family. First, when did my family come to America? Second, where did they come from? Lastly, who was the first person with my last name to come to this country? Although not all information can be found online and cannot replace hands on research for in depth information, the internet can generally be used to find direct line ancestors (grandparents, great grandparents and 2 times great grandparents....etc.) All local secondary in depth information is available for additional fees.

   Thank you for considering using Genealogy Buffs to answer your three questions Who?, Where? And When?. We believe we can fill your genealogy needs in both a timely and professional manner. Please contact us for any questions. Thank you once again for visiting our website.




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